2009 Short Course Swimming and Diving Championships
YMCA of the USA National Swimming and Diving
Day 1
Day 2
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Our Photographers

Steve Carl Father of Katherine Carl, Burmingham, MI
Tony Coniglio Father of Kathryn Coniglio, Hunterdon County, NJ
Paul DeLakis Father of Tina & Alex DeLakis, Eau Claire YMCA, WI
Luiz Gonzalez Stepfather of Alex Moser, Sunbury Branch YMCA, PA
Linwood Joye Father of Woody Joye, Montgomery East YMCA, AL
Tom Kallman Spouse of Wyckoff NJ YMCA Head Coach
Brad Klomp Father of Rylee Klomp, Eastside Family Branch YMCA, PA
Mark Kandrac Father of Morgan Kandrac, Hamilton YMCA, NJ
John Monheim Father of Victor, Vincent & Mason Monheim, Orrville YMCA, OH
Teryl Murphy Mother of Calley Murphy, Birmingham YMCA, MI
Dan Newhart Father of Nicholas Newhart, Northwest Rochester YMCA, NY
Marty Osborn Father of Jamie Osborn, Middle Tyger YMCA, SC
Mary-Anne Polan Father of Mark Biggert, Macomb YMCA, MI
Barbara Wiederecht Mother of Christopher Wiederecht, Westport/Weston YMCA, CT