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Joseph G. Rogers Award statue

For Dedication, Accomplishments

and Excellence

in YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving

This award was established in 1974 as recognition of long and exceptional leadership, insight, dedication and friendship by a man whose YMCA career has touched and enriched the lives of countless young people. In his lifetime, Joe Rogers was the first recipient of the National Distinguished Service to Aquatics Award, was the organizer of the National Operating Council on Aquatics, represented the YMCA on the U.S. Olympic Men’s Swimming Committee.

The Joseph G. Rogers Award statue is permanently located in the International Swimming Hall of Fame Museum, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with each Honoree’s name affixed in bronze on the base. A replica of the statue is presented to each Honoree at the YMCA of the USA National Swimming and Diving Championships.

The creator of the statue is Daniel Gluck, whose abstract religious and sports sculptures (including the Brian Picolo Award) are now on view in many public places around the United States. The beautifully sculptured award of bronze and marble stands over four feet in height, weight nearly 1,000 pounds and has a mounted swimming figure that stretches nearly four feet in length.

Joseph G. Rogers


1974    Edward L. Griffin               Minneapolis, MN

1975    Harold T. Friermood          Bridgeport, CT

1976    James R. Stocker              Western Springs, IL

1977    Glenn Hummer                  Huntington, IN

1978    C. Eugene Keltner             Orlando, FL

1979    John deBarbadillo             York, PA

1980    Charles McCaffree            East Lansing, MI

1981    Margaret Kelso                  Dolton, IL

1982    Louis A. Cox                      Dayton, OH

1983    Paul A. Atkinson                Kettering, OH

1984    William E. Daisley             Erie, PA

1985    Dr. Harold Henning           Naperville, IL

1986    Jack H. Tanner                  Birmingham, AL

1987    G. Robert Mowerson         Minneapolis, MN

1988    Archie Harris                     Normal, IL

1989    Clyde Truttmann               Green Bay, WI

1990    Ed Henn                            Cincinnati, OH

1991    Dr. James E. Counsilman Bloomington, IN

1992    Susan D. Clayton              Frazer, PA

1993    Wesley E. Walker              Kankakee, IL

1994    Lynn L. Rickert                  Union City, IN

1995    Robert L. Golay                 Tucson, AZ

1996    Gloria J. Summers            Chillicothe, OH

1997    John H. Higgins                 Annapolis, MD

1998    Charles Butt                      Brunswick, ME

1999    Glenda Pae                       Dauphin, PA

2000    Millard Freeman                Key West, FL

2001    Jack VerHelst                    Boone, IA

2002    Don Varner                        Johnstown, PA

2003    Jim Ryan                           Berwyn, PA

2004    Buck Dawson                    Fort Lauderdale, FL

2005    Claudia Multer                   Hamilton, OH

2006    Stu Marvin                         Fort Lauderdale, FL

2007    Don Leas                           Payson, AZ



Nominations of deserving candidates who have demonstrated sincere dedication toward furthering and upgrading YMCA competitive swimming and diving standards are accepted each year by the Selection Committee. This individual must be a person with broad competitive swimming and diving interests. Contributions and accomplishments must include some which have been on the national level.

Please complete the following information when submitting a nominee for consideration by the Selection Committee. Once a person has been placed in nomination they will be notified and mailed an information form to complete. This form will remain on file for a period of five years.

Information to be included:

  1. Name, address and phone number of the nominee.

  2. Informative paragraph(s) to give the Selection Committee insight as to your candidate’s contribution(s) to the YMCA’s competitive swimming and diving program.

  3. Should there be a need to seek additional information and/or clarification of material submitted, please include your name, address and phone number with your nomination.

  4. Mail the nomination information to:

The Joseph G. Rogers Award

c/o Mike Eubank

101 North Wacker Drive

Chicago, IL 60606

The award is presented immediately before the YMCA National Short Course Swimming and Diving Championship.

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