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2015 YMCA Long Course National Championship
2015 National YMCA Long Course Championship - Indianapolis, IN
August 3-7, 2015

2016 YMCA Short Course National Championship
2016 National YMCA Short Course - Greensboro, NC
April 4-8, 2016

2017 YMCA Short Course National Championship
2017 National YMCA Short Course - Greensboro, NC
April 3-7, 2017

Previous Championship Meets


5/4/2015 - YMCA Swimming Website -

Exciting Update Coming to YMCA Swimming Website

Mark your calendar for June 1, 2015!

The National YMCA Swimming and Diving website will convert to the TeamUnify platform on that day.

After this conversion you will be able to find all of the information and links that you access now on the current site on the new website. In addition, your team does not have to be a TeamUnify customer in order to access the new features on the national website.

There are currently 13 regional YMCA websites using the TeamUnify platform. You may access yours today by using the links on the national site. These sites will remain and will integrate directly with the new national site when it goes live on June 1.

In preparation for the conversion on June 1, the team and coach registration functions and the meet sanction application function on the current national site will be disabled from May 18 - June 1. Please have your team and coach registrations and your meet sanction applications complete prior to May 18.

More information to come!

If you have questions, contact Meredith Griffin, YMCA Swimming and Diving Program Coordinator, at mgriffin@cincinnatiymca.org.

1/3/2014 - YMCA History - Did you know that the YMCA Short Course National Championship started in 1923?  Did you know that Swimmers swam the 220 Yard freestyle, the 150 Yard Backstroke and the 300 Yard Medley Relay (no fly)?  Only 85 swimmers participated in the 1924 championship.  In 1930 there were 150 athletes participating in 9 events.   Through the efforts of Paul Atkinson, our YMCA National Historian, you can learn how the National championships progressed over the years - the events, number of swimmers, attending teams, while also remembering the coaches, meet personnel and swimmers/divers from the past

7/24/2013 - Principles of Competitive Swimming and Diving is now online - Y-USA has launched an E-learning version of Principles of Competitive Swimming and Diving course, AQ412B. The cost will be $20 for the E-learning course. We will be allowing the live Principles of Competitive Swimming and Diving to be run in a classroom until 12/31/2013 in order that you may continue to train your staff. The Trainer level for this course was retired as of May 1st, 2013.

Link to class: https://lcdc.yexchange.org/Catalog/Class/Detail/163821

Tips for how to register for classes: http://media.ymca.net/lcdc/how-to-register-for-a-class-as-a-student.pdf

Contact your Regional Training Manager if there are any questions.

2/23/2013 - Brand Transition of Competitive Sports - To assist Ys in successfully transitioning competitive sports to the new brand, YMCA of the USA (Y-USA) has compiled answers to frequently asked questions that you may integrate into your Y's communications to competitive sports team staff, volunteers and parents.


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2015 Long Course - 3 days ago
Schedule of Activities (Click link)
Schedule of activities for all Championship events including event order, awards, special announcements, registration, spectator access, scratch table, coaches meeting,  officials meetings, start times, etc ....More

2015 Long Course - 3 days ago
Warm-up Schedule (Click link)
For Coaches - Warm-up schedule for Monday through Friday during the Championship. This document will also be included in the Coaches packets available at Coach Check-in ....More

2015 Long Course - 5 days ago
Officials- Invitation to Officiate (Click link)
Officials and Timers: You are cordially invited to help us at the 2015 YMCA Long Course Swimming Championship Meet. To properly conduct a championship meet of this magnitude requires a large number of officials to staff the deck each day. There is a need for both USA-S and YMCA Level I and YMCA Level II Officials each day at Preliminaries, Time Trials and Finals. All officials attending the meet are strongly encouraged to sign up to work at this meet.

Timer positions may also be available depending on the number of Level I and Level II officials volunteers. If you are experienced in timing, but are not an Certified Official and would like to volunteer, we encourage you to do so. The main link of this article has the invitation and pre-registration form. Updated 7/30/2014.

Note: Document is in MSWORD format and contains both detailed information and Pre-registration form ....More

2015 Long Course - 5 days ago
Pool Map (Click link)
The Natatorium has two levels: Spectator and Pool level. The file contains both levels in two separate pages ....More

2015 Long Course - 6 days ago
Championship Handbook - YMCA LC Nationals (Click link)
he Meet Handbook provides information for Coaches, Swimmers and Parents to prepare, enter, attend, and compete in the championship. The Handbook is a must-read for everyone attending the Championship ....More

2015 Long Course - 6 days ago
Travel Assistance (Click link)
YMCA Swimming and Diving Committee recognizes the commitment an athlete makes to training and competing in swimming and diving competitions. The Committee seeks to relieve some of the financial pressures associated with participation by making matching financial assistance available to the local Y to support an athlete needing financial assistance with traveling to National Competitions. Criteria and Application form ....More

2015 Long Course - 6 days ago
Visit Indy (Click link)
The official guide to travel, meetings, and activities in Indianapolis ....More

2015 Long Course - 6 days ago
College/University Coaches - Invitation to Attend (Click link)

College and University coaches are welcome at all YMCA National Swimming Championships. We encourage you to come and see the talent that can be the future of your swimming team. ....More

2015 Long Course - 6 days ago
Photographers Needed (Click link)
To cover the championship and provide pictures, 12 photographers (3 per day) are needed. If you are interested, and willing to take picture to post during the Championship, please read and complete the linked application form and send it to Karen Ferrara ....More

2015 Long Course - 6 days ago
Insurance Certificate - Sample (Click link)
Sample Insurance certificate. Each team that participates in the meet must have a current and correct Certificate of Liability Insurance on file with the YMCA of the USA. Emails of certificates will be accepted FROM THE INSURANCE BROKER ONLY. Emails may be sent to Robin Lee at robin.lee@ymca.net. Certificates of Insurance may be faxed to 312-977-1069, HOWEVER, THE ORIGINAL MUST STILL BE SENT to YMCA of the USA, Attn: Insurance Manager, 101 North Wacker Dr., Chicago IL 60606 ....More

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