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Information for Coaches

Information for Coaches

General Information

YMCA Program Guidelines and Best Practices This technical assistance paper describes sound practices and principles to help YMCAs effectively manage their competitive swimming and diving programs. In addition to this document, YMCAs should also review the "Rules That Govern YMCA Competitive Sports", which all YMCA competitive sports programs must abide by. (12/12/2013)

YMCA Black Book This booklet is a resource for all YMCA competitive swimming programs. It outlines the rules, guidelines and best practices for the conduct of YMCA competitive swimming programs of all sizes and competitive levels. Updated for 2013-2014 (12/12/2013)

YMCA Sanction Meet Guidelines Guideline Information for a meet to be recognized as a YMCA Sanctioned Championship (12/6/2013)

Concussion Awareness Acknowledgement Form A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that changes the way the brain normally works. A concussion is caused by bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. (9/13/2013)

Sports National Championship Concussion Memo NEW CONCUSSION PROTOCOL AT Y NATIONALS

With a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all athletes at YMCA Nationals, YMCA of the USA, effective for the Long Course Swimming Championships, will introduce a new policy and procedure related to concussion incident and management.  Please link to the attached document for more information.  Important:  Please read and understand the enforcement of this protocol.  In advance, thank you for helping to keep our participants safe. (9/13/2013)

Concussion - Fact sheet for coaches WHAT SHOULD A COACH DO WHEN A CONCUSSION IS SUSPECTED? (9/13/2013)

Safety Training for Swim Coaches Answering Coaches' Questions by American Red Cross and YofUSA (9/7/2013)

Acceptable Certifications The YMCA of the USA recognizes the following basic-level certifications as meeting the Safety Training for Swim Coaches or Lifeguarding requirement - revised September 2013 (9/4/2013)

YMCA Online Meet Entry Online meet entry facility for YMCA Chnmapionship meets including YMCA Nationals (1/14/2011)

USA-S Online Meet Entry Online facility to enter USA-S meets (1/14/2011)

Request for local Championship Meet Sanction Online request for to have your local meet sanctioned for YMCA Nationals. You do not need to register on the web site to request a meet sanction number (1/14/2011)

YMCA Coach Registration All YMCA Coaches are expected to register annually with their group Rep. The registration is required to obtain a deck pass for regional YMCA championships and YMCA Nationals (1/14/2011)

YMCA Team Registration All YMCA Competitive Teams must register annually with their Groupo Rep. This is the online facility for registration (1/14/2011)

Meet Director Handbook Handbook is designed as an aid for those who plan and organize swim meets for YMCA swim teams. The success of any club in regard to the meet it hosts is determined by astute pre-meet planning, and the organization assigned to specific committees or individuals for certain areas of meet administration and duties. The person who plans and organizes all of the necessary details is the Meet Director. This Handbook will be useful to the neophyte as well as the experienced and offers suggestions and ideas, which can be used for any level YMCA meet from non-sanctioned Dual Meets, to large multi team Sanctioned Championship meets. (1/14/2011)

Safety Training Online Test A coach is now able to take the Safety Training for Swim Coaches written test online and then proceed to a Red Cross certified instructor to demonstrate the required water skills. (1/14/2011)

Advantages of USA-S Swimming Membership Advantages of USA Swimming Membership for YMCA Swim Teams. There are currently 335 YMCA teams who are also members of USA Swimming.

USA Swimming offers many potential benefits to the YMCA. Acclaimed as one of the most successful sports governing bodies in the Olympic movement, USA Swimming core objectives of Build the Base, Promote the Sport and Achieve Competitive Success are perfectly in tune with the YMCA. At the grassroots level, USA Swimming is most concerned with Building the Base by encouraging participation and involvement in a healthy lifetime activity (1/14/2011)

Coaches Forum Question and Answer Forum for all coaches (1/14/2011)

YMCA National Coaches Association The Coaches Association Committee is a group of elected positions that represent YMCA Coaches throughout the Country.

The Committee meets twice during the year at both Short Course and Long Course Y-Nationals. General Meetings of all coaches are held at that time as well as at the ASCA Clinic each year. (1/14/2011)

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