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Officials Requirements for Running a Meet

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YMCA Meets - Frequently Asked Questions

YMCA Sanctioned Meet Criteria

General Information

YMCA Meets - Frequently Asked Questions The following are some of the more frequently asked questions concerning the conduct of YMCA competitive swim meets. These rules and explanations are also found in the Swimming Addendum to the Rules That Govern YMCA Sports and the YMCA Sanctioned Meet Guidelines document. (12/20/2014)

Officials Requirements for Running a Meet  

YMCA sanctioned meets and national championship meets are conducted in accordance with the USA Swimming technical rules. All other YMCA meets must be conducted in accordance with USA Swimming technical rules in order for the meet and the times achieved therein to be valid for any of the following:

  • Qualification for entry into a YMCA sanctioned meet or YMCA national championship meet
  • National YMCA Top Ten times
  • National YMCA records
  • USA Swimming approval of the meet and entry of the times into the SWIMS database

Beginning in September 2013, USA Swimming rules require the use of an Administrative Official for all meets. This requirement, therefore, extends to YMCA meets that could be used as qualifying meets or times from which may be used as qualifying times for YMCA sanctioned and/or national championship competition.

The minimum officials requirements for YMCA meets are:

For all YMCA meets, at least two officials must be YMCA Certified including one certified as a Level II Official who acts as the Meet Referee:

  • Dual Meets require at least three (3) officials including a Starter, a Referee and an Administrative Official. The Starter and Referee may also serve as Stroke & Turn judges, if necessary.
  • All other meets require at least four (4) officials including a Referee, a Starter (who may also act as a Stroke & Turn judge), a Stroke & Turn judge and an Administrative Official.
  • Any YMCA Level II Certified Official can function as the Administrative Official, but not in that role and another deck role (e.g. the Deck Referee cannot also serve as the Admin Official)
  • USA Swimming Certified Officials may assist with the officiating at such meets, provided that there are at least two YMCA Certified Officials, one of whom is YMCA Level II certified and acts as the Meet Referee.

A schedule of available YMCA Administrative Officials courses can be found on the Learning and Career Development Center (LCDC) section of the YMCA Exchange website (www.yexchange.org).

A USA Swimming certified Administrative Official may perform the duties of a YMCA Administrative Official.


YMCA Sanctioned Meet Criteria This document sets forth the criteria for having a swim meet recognized as a YMCA Sanctioned Championship Meet for purposes of serving as a qualifying meet for entry into the YMCA National Short Course or Long Course Swimming Championship
meets.  1/28 - Change to meet Declaration form. 11/15/2014 Updated to allow a second type of a Sanctioned Meet (11/15/2014)

Rules Listing of Rules (1/14/2011)

Request for local Championship Meet Sanction Online request for to have your local meet sanctioned for YMCA Nationals. You do not need to register on the web site to request a meet sanction number (1/14/2011)

Meet Director Handbook Handbook is designed as an aid for those who plan and organize swim meets for YMCA swim teams. The success of any club in regard to the meet it hosts is determined by astute pre-meet planning, and the organization assigned to specific committees or individuals for certain areas of meet administration and duties. The person who plans and organizes all of the necessary details is the Meet Director. This Handbook will be useful to the neophyte as well as the experienced and offers suggestions and ideas, which can be used for any level YMCA meet from non-sanctioned Dual Meets, to large multi team Sanctioned Championship meets. (1/14/2011)

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