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Information for Officials

Information for Officials

General Information

YMCA Group Officials Coordinators The YMCA National Officials Committee has instituted a Group Officials Coordinator Program to enhance the flow of information between the Committee and officials in the field.  The Coordinators will work closely with the applicable Group Reps to improve lines of communication and provide guidance, when requested, to local swim leagues and teams. Listing of the YMCA Officials Coordinators (10/4/2013)

Roles and Responsibilities of the Group Officials Coordinators The National Officials Committee has established a program to assign a Group Officials Coordinator to work closely with the related Group Representative in promoting and facilitating the YMCA swimming and diving program in the various geographic areas of the country.  This document outlines the primary functions of the Officials Coordinators (10/4/2013)

Changes to USA-S Technical Rules Effective September 23, 2013 Since the 2013 USA Swimming Rule Book was printed, FINA the international organization which governs all the aquatic disciplines including swimming has made rule changes.

Since USA Swimming is required by law to follow the technical rules of FINA, these changes will become effective on September 23, 2013.

Rather than reprint the USA Swimming Rule Book, this document should be an addendum to your current 2013 rule book.

The 2014 rule book will incorporate these changes under their respective sections when it is released. (9/22/2013)

YMCA Trainer   CRITERIA to become a YMCA Trainer

You must complete the prerequisite YMCA on-line courses (Introduction to the YMCA Training Systems and Adult Learning Concepts).  You must also complete the one-day Facilitation Skills course locally or at an RTE.

You must be certified as a YMCA Level II Official for more than three years (i.e., attended at least one Level II re-certification clinic), and attach a copy of your Y-USA transcript of classes taken to the application.

You must have worked as a YMCA Certified Official at a minimum of fifteen meet sessions over the past three years, with at least eight of those sessions being as a Referee or Starter.

You must have worked at your local YMCA State/District/Zone/Regional/ Championship Meet as a deck official for at least two years and encompassing at least six meet sessions

You must attach a brief biography of your swimming experiences as they relate to the above two criteria to your application.

You must bring a copy of your completed Record of Meet Experience to the Clinic.

You must be recommended by your local YMCA CEO, Aquatic Director or Full-time YMCA Employee Coach and a National Officials Committee Member or Group Officials Coordinator.

You must be approved by the YMCA of the USA Sports and Recreation Specialist and the National Officials Committee Chair, or his/her designee.   (Events Registration will forward the Applications for these approvals.)

Appropriate accommodations will be made for experienced USA-S officials seeking to become YMCA Swim Officials Trainers.

Revised YMCA Swim Officials Attire/Uniform Standards The YMCA National Swimming Officials Committee announces the following revised guidelines for "on deck" uniform attire at all classifications and levels of YMCA swim meets (9/16/2012)

Online Certification Test Must take a certification class first and register on the web site prior to taking the online test (1/14/2011)

Upcoming Officials Classes List of upcoming Scheduled Officials Certification Classes (1/14/2011)

YMCA Officials Trainer Listing of YMCA officials Trainers (1/14/2011)

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Online Certification Test

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