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General Information

SWIMMING ADDENDUM TO THE RULES THAT GOVERN YMCA COMPETITIVE SPORTS (previously Known as The BLACK BOOK) The Rules That Govern YMCA Competitive Sports must be followed at all levels of YMCA competition. The rules are written for all competitive sports in the YMCA and not specifically for swimming. This addendum provides additional explanation of the rules as applied to YMCA Swimming. Coaches, athletes and YMCA supervisors are responsible for knowing and abiding by the Rules That Govern including this Addendum. (11/15/2014)

2014 USA_S Mini Rulebook Technical swimming rules adopted by YMCA Swimming (8/23/2014)

Rules That Govern YMCA Competitive Swimming Effective September 1, 2012, this updated version of YMCA OF USA - Rules that Groven Competitive Sports is in effect (8/24/2012)

YMCA Graphic Standards YMCA Competitive Style guide - graphic standards for team apparel, logos, medals/awards, team banners (1/14/2011)

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